We are UK based Discord group, dedicated to help you make the most out of your Cooks, whilst providing you with a Community like no other.


Welcome to LiveCops! We are a fully UK based Discord group, with one focus. Making you the most money you possibly can. From our lowkey flips to our free food we've got you covered. At £10 per month we present to you a community like no other.


We offer the best low key flips to date, with guaranteed success with every one!


Daily, Weekly and Monthly Droplists and Calendars so you know whats exactly happenening each day!

Slots / ACO

Free ACO + Slots every week for all members!


Frequent Giveaways Hosted on our Twitter and Premium Giveaways for our Discord members!

Release Guides

Release Guides and In-Depth Detail for all the latest drop (Including Keywords for Bots)!


Updates & Alerts for all restocks - so you know exactly when things are about to drop!

• LiveCops currently charges £10 per month to become a Member. Lifetime Keys are very rare but if you are able to secure one they are priced at £150.

• LiveCops is primarily a UK/EU based Group, however some of our tools will work Worldwide!

• If you feel like LiveCops isn't the place for you, that's fine! Please head over to our Dashboard and make sure you cancel your Subscription there! As stated in our TOS, refunds are not available.