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About Us

LiveCops is an All-In-One solution to help you earn a secondary income from everyday items. We provide all the software + research from our in-house experts to ensure you successfully make a profit. Below you can see what makes us unique and why you should give us a shot!

Reselling Group Within LiveCops you will find all the key elements of a Reselling Group. We take pride in offering the best tools and info to kickstart your secondary income!
Cook Group Throughout LiveCops you'll also find all of the essential features creating a Cook Group! From super fast monitors to early information before drops, this is one way to ensure you succeed!

Our Features

Custom Software

With our in house software, you can't not suceed!
Included with your LiveCops Membership is access to our All In Once software package, supporting some of the most well known retail and designer sites in the UK!

Release Info

Prior to all major releases, we provide full sets of release info which contains in depth site lists, keywords for all bots, estimated retail and resell prices, as well as a detailed view of every item before release date.

Superfast Monitors

All members gain access to a variety of high speed monitors, containing a wide site range, from key sites like Offspring and Mesh to more wellknown UK retailers like Currys and Smyths. These will alert you as soon as a change is detected so you can be the first to checkout!


With some of the most exclusive Lowkey Flips + Brickflips in the game, you don't want to miss out on these. All Members gain access to the info to secure thousands of profit each month! With the these flips being exclusive to us, we can say goodbye to any sort of competition!


With support from some of the best services in the industry, we're able to provide every single Member with some of the best partnerships and deals, in the game! From Tools like AYCD Toolbox to bots like TurboAIO, we've got everything covered to get you off the ground!

Free ACO

Unavailable during a release? Don't worry, we've got it sorted! All our Members gain access to a Free Autocheckout service, so you can be confident that even if you're not at home, you can still make a profit!

Frequently Asked Questions

A LiveCops membership is currently £15 per month and is billed automatically through our Dashboard. This gives you full access to all our Software, Tools and Info! Lifetime Keys are very rare and are priced on a case by case basis.
LiveCops is a UK/EU based Group, however some of our tools will work Worldwide!
If you feel like LiveCops isn't the place for you, that's fine! Feel free to head over to our Dashboard and cancel your Subscription there! As stated in our TOS, refunds are not available.