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Our Features

Amazon FBA

We have several features in place to help members succeed when selling on Amazon, such as daily flips, several written beginners guides, access to the best deal analysis software and much more!

Cutting Edge Software

Here at LiveCops, we have the latest developed software on hand to aid you on your reselling journey. Whether that being our market leading Amazon deals bot or our multiple in-store stock checkers, we provide you with the software you need to run your business!


With some of the most exclusive Lowkey Flips + Brickflips in the game, you don't want to miss out on these. All Members gain access to the info to secure thousands of profit each month! With the these flips being exclusive to us, we can say goodbye to any sort of competition!

Specialist Support

The support we offer in LiveCops is like no other. We take pride in giving our members the best possible assistance to aid their development from day 1 and beyond. Our 10+ experienced team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, along with community chats and live weekly lectures… We provide you with everything you'll need!

Event Tickets

Want to add another income stream? Ticket reselling is a great way to increase your profits each month, with very little work needed. Our event ticket specialists notify members of several profitable releases each week.

Superfast Tools & Monitors

All members gain access to a variety of high speed monitors, containing a wide array of sites. This allows us to be pinged of profitable items from well known UK retailers and beyond. These will alert you as soon as a change is detected so you can be the first to checkout!

How to start selling with LiveCops

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How much money could I make?

We always get asked this question, so use our earnings potential calculator to work it out!

LiveCops is in the business of making money, and members on average make around 40%+ ROI (Return on Investment) from leads posted within the group each month. Reselling is a cashflow game, the more cash you have, the more money you can make!

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